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Hi! I’m Iris.

I’m a freshman student at Fontys Hogeschool Communicatie. Before that I majored animation at the Koning Willem 1 College.

Just like many other young people, I consume popular culture in all shapes and sizes; from light novels to big budget superhero flicks.

When we were told we were going to blog for my major, there was no other option for me than to blog about pop culture. To set my blog apart from the giants such as the Nerdist and the Mary Sue, I decided to blog about the representation of the LGBT+ community in pop culture and fandom; specifically comics and animation, which I spent the last five years specializing in.

Why LGBT+? It’s quite simple. I’ve never really been able to determine my own sexual orientation. For starters, though, I know I’m not straight. But then what? I don’t know. Perhaps the making of this blog will help me or others find out. We’ll see where it takes us.


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